About Us

We're nerdy and proud of it, artistic to some mild degree and addicted to humor. We have our own sarcasm sign.  We screen print stuff like t-shirts, hoodies and so forth and we've been stumbling our way to fame and fortune that way since 2013. 

Our ginormous claim to fame so far is that we've had two designs hit the top one tenth of one percent of fashion items on Amazon. You read right - top one TENTH of a percent. Can you guess which designs did that??? Yeah, who cares.

We're a small family business cranking 'em out in the garage. We have NO issues taking care of our customers and have the world's most amazing reputation on Amazon, which is a part of why we've done well there. Search out "Big Head Bob t-shirt" and you'll find us and whole pile of nice reviews, too.

Wanna know more? Drop us a note, touch base on Facebook, e-mail me at tom@bigheadbob dot com...  

We're relaunching the website, now hosted at Shopify for a better experience, and to make Big Hoo Hoo out of that accomplishment (still under way a bit at Thanksgiving!) we're throwing a big SALE. Every stinkin' t-shirt we make is ON SALE, big time! How about $11 to bring a tee right to your house? That's not "11 plus shipping" - that's "at your mailbox for $11". Sweet, no? More than 20% off PLUS free shipping.