A look inside Big Head Bob - With David

By Journalist Dan Hyman  

Author David Bradley is posing next to his 2021 Crystal Bookmark Award

Not until recently did David Bradley consider himself a children’s book author. Rather, it took the author and creator of the Big Head Bob franchise hearing it from the countless children he was reaching on a weekly basis — those whose classrooms he’d read to, all those young minds who had devoured his work — to convince him that’s exactly what he was. “Because in reality, the most important part is that I’m just having fun with it!” says the ever-positive Bradley, whose first work was 2021’s The Adventures of Big Head Bob – Transform Your Weakness Into Strength, winner of the 2021 Crystal Bookmark award for literary achievement by The Las Vegas Book Festival. What had started as a simple “arts and crafts project” for his nephew, Joaquín, has since grown into a full-time business — a complete and ever-evolving multimedia experience that features multiple books translated into seven languages, videos, and so much more.  “I had to keep creating better content for people to enjoy,” Bradley explains, noting that at times he still considers himself more a “producer” than an author, given that he oversees the creation of YouTube videos, merchandise, etc. for the Big Head Bob world.

At its core, however, the Big Head Bob business comes back to one key element: Big Head Bob himself. A character Bradley had been drawing since his youth, the big-headed, translucent-colored Bob is, above all, a tool for children to learn, among other things, calmness, growth, self-empowerment and confidence. With Big Head Bob learning to overcome his differences, and turn his weakness into strength, Bradley’s book is rooted in a growth mindset and is at its core a social-emotional learning experience. “The big head is a metaphor for imperfection,” Bradley offers. “We all have our big head — physical or mental. Instead of using that against each other, instead of focusing on that, maybe it can be a vehicle for change. Our big head can be something kinder and even help us recognize that’s what makes us unique.”

Bob is directly influenced by Bradley’s own childhood. In conversation, the author relays numerous examples of feeling less-than or left-out of certain situations and, via Bob, he’s able to impart a message of positivity and perseverance to readers. Additionally, Bradley credits his experiences with transcendental meditation as greatly impactful for not only the creation of Big Head Bob but also the message behind it. 

“Be calm, be kind, take a deep breath,” Bradley says of his mantra and Bob’s as well. “I grew up in an aggressive yelling household. He adds, “That’s something I struggled with my whole life.” Learning meditation was one of the most important things I ever did. I’m happy that this is a central theme with BHB.”

"The Adventures of Big Head Bob" children storybook by David Bradley

Bradley has spent the past few years pushing this message of positivity and growth to thousands of children around the world. Having done more than 600 classroom reads, oftentimes reaching hundreds of students at a time and inviting them into his process, Bradley is on a mission to expand the Big Head Bob universe. 

To that end, he’s produced more than 100 Big Head Bob YouTube videos, and has an active college internship program that not only helps students participate in the publishing and content-creation industry but also allows a much-desired young-adult perspective to infiltrate his work.


Big Head Bob YouTube channel for children


“I’m pounding the pavement,” he says proudly, noting how he’s having “conversations at the highest possible levels” with entertainment leaders and brand representatives to see where Big Head Bob can go from here. All things are on the table from cartoons to video games: “Television and brand deals are on the horizon. That’s the next step and I’ve been working heavily towards that. Now it's go time!” 

Above all, he wants Big Head Bob’s message to be available to as many people as possible. 

“Because it’s an inclusive book and message,” Bradley says with a smile. “Bob’s religion is people.” Bradley speaks excitedly about the third installment in the Big Head Bob series, The Adventures of Big Head Bob – The Bob Squad, expected in February 2023.

“I want everyone around the world to be able to identify with his story,” Bradley concludes. “Big Head Bob is trying his best and being a kind person. These are the basics, but essential in today’s world.”