Someday you will find your own voice!

"NYU Student Blog" - Big Head Bob & Friends Blog - "My teacher is an angel in my heart. Every time I was depressed and lost confidence, she motivated me to find my own strengths and encouraged me to progress and grow."

Blog Entry - Xuan Li

When I was in junior high school, I lacked confidence and felt insecure about myself because I believed that my voice was not sweet or appealing. After losing a competition for a broadcaster and host, I became depressed and talked very little during daily life. One of my favorite teachers noticed my behavior and comforted me by saying, "Remember, you are the best in your world. Your voice may not be suitable for broadcasting, but it might be good for somewhere else. Don’t judge yourself." Her words enlightened me and made me believe that there must be a place for my voice somewhere.

During my military training after junior high school, my mentality completely changed. I strived to complete each task and practiced the slogans and formations every day. Before our final performance, our instructor chose me to be the leader of our class and assigned me the responsibility of shouting commands. I was surprised and moved by this opportunity, as it not only affirmed my hard work, but also validated my voice which I had previously seen as a weakness. The performance was smooth and wonderful. Our class won first prize, and my commands received lots of applause. I felt proud and grateful when numerous people appreciated my clear instructions and powerful voice. At this moment, I no longer regarded my voice as a weakness, but as a proud strength. I am quite thankful for my teacher at junior high school because I wouldn't have found the strength of my voice or gained confidence without her encouragement.

My teacher is the angel in my heart. Every time I was depressed and lost confidence in certain things, she always motivated me to find my own strengths and make me progress and grow. I believe that this is the reason why I resonate with the story of Big Head Bob, including his growth process of transforming his weakness into strength.

Trust in yourself and try your best; someday you will find your own voice!