Lets Blow Something Up Mythbusters t-shirt

Indigo Blue
Sage Green
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This is one for the Mythbuster fans! We understand the need to blow stuff up in the name of science and we are die-hard Adam and Jamie fans, too! "When in doubt - C4!" The first try usually goes 'pop' or 'puff of smoke'. "Well, that didn't work. Let's do something bigger..." The second try might go 'POP!' or 'Wads of smoke!' "Hmmm. I have to call this one busted. But I think it could be bigger...." (Insert massive explosive force here). Finally, we get "BLAM!!". Whatever was there a second ago is now scattered all over the bomb range. MUCH better! Everyone goes home happy! What's your favorite boom? Ours still has to be the exploding cement truck. Vaporized, baby! Awesome...! Duck and cover, everyone! In three, two, one... 

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