Tah Dah!! The Big Brain lived through his first year!

We have a following on Amazon, Christmas was overwhelming (the elves were scrambling!) and we are launching new designs faster than ever.

Lois Eiler came on board full time and is doing design research and marketing and we also now have part time help, GW Welsh, doing sales and screen printing.

Technically, we really are in smooth waters with a polished workflow that allows us to screen print as few as one shirt (!) profitably. Yeah – pretty freakin’ sweet. And the quality is awesome.

Things are going great and looking up as we head into our second summer… I am sure we will have some cool promotions coming. For now, see the ‘get free t-shirts’ link in the sidebar! We’re trading shirts for help with Amazon reviews – can’t get ’em going fast enough! (We’re launching so many new designs we need all the help we can get!)

Plus, as though that isn’t enough, we’ve put together a new program for fundraising that is really strong. Because our process and business model have us working so well with small orders, we’re branching out. We’ve put together a program making¬†wholesale shirts for churches and others who need to get small orders or who may also want to sell one-off drop shipping, etc. Our first orders have been a huge hit, so sky’s the limit!

(Contact Lois at marketing@bigheadbob.com or call her at 253 397 7120)