NERD-sketchComputer/science/math geeks? Science fiction addicts? Gamerz? Hmmm – no – there is more to the nerd recipe. Really, ‘nerds’ are everywhere. I think you may have some nerd in you… C’mere, let’s have a look. Hmmm – there are symptoms, but have you got the Full Blown Disease?

A close family member was a college professor and scientist and his memory was phenomenal – like a card catalog. Factus abundus and Uber Nerd, right? Yeah, but there was no science fiction in him at all! Computer and video games, Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, D&D, MMORPGs, all of it – completely foreign to him. Heck – computers were not exactly his friends, if you catch my drift! How can you be a real geek like that???

O, trust me, it is entirely possible. He just was not a science fictiony one!

For our purposes, I propose that the point to our exercise is humor. That’s it – just humor. Ok, ok, I give – maybe humor + brains. Well, maybe not even tons of brains! But yer nerd’s gotta have an addiction to something of interest. Doesn’t have to interest other people, mind, it just has to interest them. A lot.

But remember, here at Big Head Headquarters, we are not interested in just nerdness. We’re interested in funny nerdness! (It’s the icing on the proverbial cake.)

If you can find humor in the process of being nerdish and geeky about – well – nearly anything, then the whole idea of ‘nerd’ becomes much more pleasant and useful! (Yeah, yeah, brains is good ‘n all, but we contend it is not about just being smart. A ‘normal’ IQ person who is serious about some pastime can be a whole lot more knowledgeable and geeky about it than a super-smartypants who has never looked at the subject.) And if you can laugh about whatever it is, well, there you have the whole package. Nerd on a cracker, the whole enchilada, red bow on top. (I’m painting a picture here, ok? Hang with me.)

What if someone you know is a Real True Nerd, but dull as a post? What fun are they? Phhht! No, no, no – gotta have a sense o’ humor.

Test it out: What if MENSA wouldn’t have you, but you have encyclopedic knowledge of – say – the inner workings of thingies. Your eyes get a glazed-over look and you have to remember not to drool when you tinker with thingies for hours at a time. You don’t like that you have to eat and go to the bathroom because it interferes. SO: If you wear high water pants and glasses and tinker with thingies, then are you a True Nerd?

We contend you qualify without the high water pants and if your bulging brains is so huge they’s pushin’ yer eyeballs out, then contacts or laser surgery are entirely fine. glasses(‘Nerd’ glasses are optional, I’m afraid. They’re just a visually recognizable meme tool. Aaaand – glasses these days can be pretty stylish. Plenty o’ folks is probly nerds-in-hiding, right there in plain sight, in front of God ‘n everybody.)

raj-evil-laughAnd if you can laugh? Obtuse in-jokes about thingies, anyone? A-hee-hee. Hee hee hee!

The whole media interest in All Things Nerdly aims to glorify and paint this meme picture, reducing ‘nerd’ to something easy to grasp. The Big Bang Theory is the ‘perfect storm’ example: Super IQs, academia, cosmology, rocket science and – o, yeah – social ineptitude, athletic clumsitude, comic book stores, Star Trek / Wars, trivia and D&D! Oy, vey! (Still funny, tho.) Yes – other shows, too, like ‘The Guild’, ‘Eureka’, etc.

powDo such ‘over the top’ characters exist for real? Oh, my, yes. (‘Rolling-of-the-eyes’-level ‘yes’!)

A college buddy worked at NASA (= real rocket scientist), was a total science fiction nut, had a clumsy and nerdishly skinny presentation (complete with wild hair and acne), was not skilled with the ladies, (ahem), and even had the requisite glasses. He attractively fit the tv and movies ‘nerd mold’. I have now and have had for years many other such friends, so yeah, that really exists. Those people, however, do not define ‘nerd’ completely for me; they are simply exemplary specimens.

In real life there are many species of Nerd that will not be neatly put into the media-concocted mold. In fact, I contend that nearly everyone with half a brain and a focused interest in {fill in the blank} can identify with ‘nerdly’ qualities.

sheldonThat is one of the core things that makes a show like TBBT work – everyone identifies with the characters to at least some point! Just like the saying about The King, ‘Everbuddy’s got a li’l Sheldon in ’em!’

If you know more about {doohickies} than anyone else, or you find {insert odd interest here} not only interesting, but compellingly so and humorous to boot, then I gotta break the news to you – you might be a little bit of a nerd.

Jeff Foxworthy’s “you might be a redneck” needs to get translated into “you might be a nerd”! A great many people would ‘identify’!