Cinco de Mayo! Yippee! Well, it also has meaning for US, since this is our Grand Opening!

May is the month that Big Head Bob not only launches, but grows immediately with more products and more initial designs coming online.  We have fairly cool stuff coming online this month! You can absolutely count on new stuff coming available pretty rapidly.

A number of designs are also going to be available as posters. Since there is a Wal Mart on about every corner, we send them the file, they make the poster, put it in a tube and mail it right to you. Easy peasy, and cool – cool – cool! Since Wal Mart and Target both have good photo services, if you have a design you want in a poster or a calendar (and I mean your stuff, not just ours), you ought to give them a try. Office supply places can print stuff, too, certainly, but I know at least at Wal Mart they will pack and send it to you for a very low cost.

Big Bang Theory coffee mugMugs, Mugs, Mugs

For the short term, we are test marketing coffee mugs. No idea yet how the sales will go, but producing them with good quality is not too hard to do.

[Update – We are no longer producing mugs.]