Ed Beck PhotographyThis is a shameless plug for Ed Beck, absolutely! A finer human bean would be hard to find.

‘Ed, can you drop everything and do, like, 9,000 photos in a day?’ Wham – done. With a smile and pretty much all done quite well.

Shameless self-aggrandizing content: The humble owner of Big Head Bob (cough cough) was in the graphics biz doing a bit of everything for a long time working for Really Big Clients before starting BHB. You get the picture, right? If I say Ed is good, he’s good. Excellent – that means I haven’t got to crack yer knuckles with this little hammer… Ahem. A thousand pardons – please continue:

Go to his site to see some more: Ed Beck Photography.

Ed is Officially Endorsed by the Northwest Chapter of the Big Head Society.