Grand Opening Giveaway

Yup. We’re having one of Those Things. O, bother. Like walking the Animal or hanging up the laundry, we now have another Chore to do: We’re going to give one o’ you wisenheimers some free stuff. (Will God ever quell the hordes of smartypants nerds demanding free stuff and – worse – gamers?  And even worse – smartypants gamers??)

You want free stuff? OK – You gotta put up with us and our Big Head ways at least long enough to go enter the contest.

[Update: Obviously, you missed it. To bad, so sad.]

Here’s a coupla quotes that might get you in the mood:

“I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory.

Which reminds me:
Nothing is fool proof to a sufficiently talented fool.”

Thankfully reblogged from Mike Hanson’s wiseassery. O, you thought I was kidding? No – he is a self-avowed wiseass and proud of it. Heck, he is the self-proclaimed Mayor!

Geez – I’m just a Big Head, but he’s the mayor!

Anyway, enter as many times as you like. You have to sign in to enter, but then you can tweet every day to get more entries. The system even tracks it for you. Go! Enter! Win!

(Where’s the Nerd Cheerleader Squad when you need them? Hmmm – t-shirt idea? I wonder what the Nerd Cheerleaders would look like?)