About Big Head Bob

Our motto is real: “If it’s on your mind it belongs on your shirt!” Whatever your interest, we know there is humor, sarcasm, wit, or something special about it worth putting on a shirt. Hit the CONTACT FORM and tell us what you want!

We’re a family business and got our big, hot start on Amazon in 2013. We take some pride in spectacular customer service. Our trophy shelf is full of compliments, which is what we live for!

We’re still killing it on Amazon and some on Etsy. We’ve hit the top one tenth of one percent of clothing on Amazon – twice! (That’s when we do the Victory Dance around the living room.)

Big Head Bob sounds better than ‘Big Head Tom’, but my real name is Tom. I got the idea for Big Head Bob to have fun with nerdy stuff, science, movies, games – the classic ‘four-eyes, know-it-all’ thing. And yes, I was that glasses-wearing guy with a scientific calculator on his belt. Maybe ‘smarty-pants’ is kind of cool now, but not so much back then, I must say!

Our set-up i s a little bit special – we make shirts to order. We will change our gear to print just one, and we don’t use photo processing, either, so no chemicals – just ink. If you are looking for custom shirts, take a look at amplegear.com – that’s us.

Thanks a zillion to all our great customers! Thanks to you, we’ve upgraded stuff around here a few times, and we’re jumping our game up a notch again right now (Jan 2016). Every single one of you is the BEST!

Tom Walker
Chief Big Head